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Business Formation

Get a Head Start on forming your business!

Entrepreneurs must juggle countless tasks and competing priorities well before they open shop, including the creation of a legal structure. Business formation is a necessary early step of starting a business, whether you're registering a simple DBA, incorporating or forming a partnership. The following checklists and articles will help you quickly get started with the process of creating a legal structure for your new business. The structure of a business can have a significant impact on income tax, business continuity, and the legal liability the business may be exposed to. This structure will also determine the kind of taxes that your business is subjected to, as well as the rate at which it will be taxed. Our professional staff will work closely with you to form your commercial and/or residential business, while education you on the steps to take in order to ensure your success.

What type of business structure is right for you?

S Corporation

S Corporations (also known as Subchapter S Corporations) provide legal protection while allowing you to be taxed as a sole-proprietor. While S Corporations also give you protection from personal liability, you must also take into account the restrictions that will affect the way that you do business: all stockholders must be U.S. citizens or a permanent resident of the U.S. (there can be no more than 75) and you are only allowed to issue one type of stock.


A LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) will give you the legal protection of a corporation, without having to deal with the hassle of maintaining a corporation (i.e., no formal meetings, corporate meetings, etc.).