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Credit Restoration

If your Credit Scores are below 760, you may not be getting the best rates for loans or insurance, but you’ve got plenty of company. Over 80% of Americans suffer from common problems negatively affecting their credit and these credit blemishes is severe enough (Credit Scores under 620) to make obtaining loans and credit cards with reasonable terms difficult or maybe your credit is OK, but you'd like to make it better. After all, the better your credit, the less you pay interest and, typically, for insurance. Doing some credit repair can save you money, but improve your credit scores, it's important to know where you stand now.  The 3 major credit bureaus can have a huge impact on your life if they are reporting inaccurate or derogatory information. This affects your credit scoring and can hurt you dramatically. By hiring Headstart Tax & Financial Solutions to with help with your bad credit you will see the following:

 We can help with all the following situations:

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Headstart Tax & Financial Solutions believes that everyone can improve on their credit, and we are here to help. From bankruptcies to repossessions, collections to charge-offs, late payments and inquiries, we will do everything possible in regards to the FCRA (Fair Credit reporting Act) to get your items that you believe are inaccurate or erroneous updated to a positive status or even removed by using the following 4 Steps:

1.Credit Review:  We will analyze your entire credit file free of charge to see if you are a candidate for our services. This includes all 3 major credit reporting bureaus: (Equifax, Experian & Trans Union). Our consultant will answer any questions you may have in regards to your file, pinpoint factors keeping your credit scores down, and inform you on any areas of your credit that need to be worked on to obtain a higher credit score. We will then come up with a step by step plan of action for your credit file (Disputes, Settlement Negotiation, etc). Once you decide to move forward with Headstart Tax and Financial Solutions, you will need to fill out the credit assistance application packet and submit it with all required documentation to start the process. 

2. Credit First Aide:  Once we receive all required documentation from you, we will create your file, add your account information to our database, and then start inputting all credit information that you believe is innervate/erroneous. This includes credit accounts, personal information, employment as well as inquiries. Once this is done, we go ahead and start the process. First part of the process is to create the first round of letters that are customized to the creditors, collection agencies and credit bureaus on your behalf. This includes disputes to all 3 credit bureaus on information you ask us to dispute, settlement negotiation letters for outstanding balances on collection, charged off and other various accounts, debt validation letters prepared if requested, good faith letters to creditors as well as any other documentation you need us to prepare on your behalf. After this is done we will send you confirmation that your file has been worked, submitted and then payment is processed. We send you a a account list file of all accounts being worked on so you can keep track of what has been updated/removed to date. Then sit back, relax, and in about 30 days or so you will start receiving responses back. Any paperwork you received needs to be forwarded to us via fax, mail or email. Once we receive, we will update your file, provide you with the results of previous work done, and then rework your file of any accounts remaining that are in question by you.

3. Credit Watcher:  After we rework your file we constantly monitor your reports for any changes during the process. This may include any new derogatory items being reported; balances increasing which can cause a score decrease, new inquiries and any other issues that we feel would need your attention. If requested by you we add the item in question the account and then work on the item. We also notate your scores if provided by you and notate your account of all score changes throughout the process. We continue working on your file until we have fully investigated items in question on your file or until you are happy with the results and no longer need to use our services. It’s up to you!

4. Credit Rebuilder: Last & final step is the credit rebuilding process. We guide you on how to obtain new credit. This is done by recommending companies that can offer you credit. We work closely with many mortgage companies nationwide. When the time comes for you to finally move forward with the loan process, we can refer you to a honest and reliable broker who can help you find the best product out there and of course save you money. At this point your scores should have increased significantly to the point where instead of being turned down, creditors will finally say YES! You will be able to obtain new credit and finally save money which means LOWER INTEREST RATES!

Please note that it can take as little as 30 days to 6 Months or more to see positive changes. Please be patient; working on your credit is a process and cannot be done overnight. We believe it is important to be honest with our clientele so we will not make any claims without first seeing your credit file. It takes time to clean up your credit and only inaccurate or outdated items can be removed. This service can be done on your own and we do let our clients know this when contacting us for a consultation. We offer our services simply because there are people out there who work, have families and simply don't want to have the hassle of writing letters and contacting creditors. That's why we are here to help you!!